FAQ – Call for More info 707-635-3653

1. How much do they cost?
The standard square jump houses are $90 for a half day and $110 for a full day
The slide/jump house combo is $110 for the half day and $130 for a full day
2. How long can I keep it?
If you decide on a half day rate, you will have between 4-5 hours with the jumpy.  For a full day rate, you may keep the jump house up to 24 hours, including overnight, or we can pick it up any time until 9pm.
3. How big are they?
The square jump houses are 13×13 ft.  The combo jump house is 13×27 ft.  Please also take into consideration the height of the jumpers if you have any low hanging trees or if you are having an indoor event.  They are 25ft. tall.
4. Can the jump houses be on any surface?
Yes.  They can be on almost any surface.  Grass, dirt, asphalt, gravel, ect.  We will bring a tarp to put down if the area is wet or muddy.
5. Do you deliver and set up?
Yes.  We will bring the jump house to your event and set it up for you.  We will make sure the jump house is functioning properly and ready to go before we leave.
6. How far do you deliver?
We offer free delivery  within a 15 mile radius of Rohnert Park.  We will deliver further in the North Bay area for an agreed upon mileage fee.
7. Can you set up the jump house at a park?
Yes.  We do many parties at parks.  In order to serve you at a park, the park must have an electrical outlet for our extension cords to reach, or you must have a generator.
8. Do you provide a generator?
No. We do not provide a generator.  If the area does not have electric outlets, you will need to bring your own generator or rent one.
9. What if it rains or I need to cancel?
We know that unexpected things come up.  We know that rainy days happen.  You can cancel at any time with no obligation.  However, we do appreciate as much notice as you can give.  We will automatically cancel the reservation if it is raining.
10. When is payment due and what payment do you accept?
Payment is due on the day of the party.  At this time we are able to accept only cash or check made out to Froggy’s Jumpers.